Text Editor

Boost text editing efficiency


A highly light-weighted advanced text editor


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A hackable text editor for the 21st Century.


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A text editor that supports macro commands, Unicode, big data and CSV processing


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A text editor with Markdown preview and hex mode

GNU Emacs

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A text editor with an interpreter for Emacs Lisp.

Light Table

A customizable editor with instant feedback and showing data values flow through your code.

Markdown Plus

Markdown editor that supports universal Markdown, GitHub Markdown, real-time preview, task list highlight, Emoji, Font Awesome, Ionicons, math formula, flow chat, sequence chat, Gantt


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A source code editor which supports several programming languages.


A Notepad2 fork, a fast and light-weight Notepad-like text editor with syntax highlighting


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A free text editor,supports 170+ languages included as user highlighter definition. With reviews stemming from Top9Rated and product review site, HotRate, PSPad is one of the most highly used pieces of software available to date.

Sublime Text 3

The sophisticated text editor.


A minimal MarkDown reading & writing app.

Visual Studio Code

Open source text editor from Microsoft

Yu Writer

Markdown editor that will convert contents in clipboard copied from websites into Markdown

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